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ethnic inspired Mexican embroidered zipper wallet, geometric
ethnic inspired Mexican embroidered zipper wallet, geometric
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Handmade Long Wallet, Geometric Design in Brown Color.

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🎍Unique Mexican-Folk hand embroidered wallet with cross stitch technique on woven fabric.🔸Geometric pattern wallet with diamonds and flowers in color brown.

👝 This handcrafted wallet was made by artisans from the Mazahuan community, that is the largest group of indigenous people that live between of the state of Mexico and Michoacan. Mazahua means people of the deer 🦌 in the Nahuatl language.

🔆This top quality zipper wallet is cotton embroidery and has an internal polyester section crafted to fit bills, coins, cards and small documents. The geometric design is the same in Front and back. It takes 7 hours of labor to embroider a whole wallet.

Medium; dimensions: 8” long x 4” wide
Spot clean only with damp cloth. Treat gently.


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To knit and to embroider is to have the ability to observe.
The artisans use different techniques such as cross stitch or weaving to capture their culture’s worldview. They embroidery in the wallets the same figures that in their typically clothes.
Their worldview is an element that ceases to be abstract once it gets captured on a figure or pattern. The artistic expressions of each community allow us to understand the social structure behind it and to acknowledge that behind the artisans’ work is the creative capacity of an entire community.

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