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Folk Cape in White with Geometric Embroidery.
Folk Cape in White with Geometric Embroidery.
Folk Cape in White with Geometric Embroidery.

Folk Cape in White with Geometric Embroidery.

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Handmade Cape with colorful Aztec design.

🍁This is the ultimate layering accessory for colder weather. Use on top of virtually any clothing style to add an extra layer of warmth on the outdoors, or just have near you for lazy afternoons and a book 📖 or tea ☕. You can also create a more formal look wearing it with leggings or pants and heels 👠 and accessorize it for a boho look with hats, scarfs and chunky earrings.

The elaboration of a wool cape like this is a slow process that can take 1 week to finish.

🔖The fabric is made on waist loom, 100% wool, in the region of Hueyapan, a small town on the north highlands in the state of Puebla. Later this fabric is hand embroidered by skilled women with an impeccable cross stitch technique.
The embroideries adorning these capes or ponchos, are mostly inspired on the landscape typical from the north highlands in the state of Puebla, Mexico. Featuring flowers, mountains, cacti, birds, stars and other geometric figures with special meaning.


Dry clean only or spot clean with damp cloth for removable stains.


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The process in doing a cape like this starts with weaving the wool threads one by one in the waist loom machine to form a textile base called "Quexquemetl" which means neck cape in Nahuatl dialect. This step in entirely done by men. The rest of the fibers for the embroidery are stained with natural colorings and it's in this step where the women take over with the amazing cross stitch embroidery patiently counting each stitch to finally give shape to the final drawings.

The waist loom is a very old technique used by Mesoamerican cultures. At present, artisans continue to use this technique to make some of the pieces they use for their clothing as well as items and accessories for the home. This technique used in some communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, consists of intertwining threads of any type of fiber in a wooden loom, tying them to a pole or tree on one side and to the waist of the craftsman on the other; and interconnecting perpendicularly other threads with chopsticks to give the finish to the weft of the fabric.

Unfortunately, these ancestral techniques have been replicated with machines, removing the human element, in such a way that their production is greater in a shorter time. Naturally, this has repercussions for the original producers, creators of these crafts, because it is impossible to compete with the prices generated by cheap production. Choose artisanal for the good of our world!