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black and white leather bag with loom insert
black and white leather bag with loom insert
black and white leather bag with loom insert, geometrical pattern
black and white leather bag with loom insert
black leather bag, back view
black leather bag, side view
black leather bag, inside view

Black Leather Tote Bag with White and Black Brocade on Center

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👜Top quality black leather shoulder bag with cotton woven insert and brocade diamonds in White. Geometric design resembling ethnic motifs. Made on waist loom in the state of Oaxaca Mexico 🌵

 12” tall x 14” long x 6” wide. Handle is 10” tall.

🔖This bag has two main segments separated by a fabric compartment with zipper closure, magnet clasp on center to close and two clasps on sides to give shape. Each section has small pockets for glasses, cosmetics, cards, papers, etc... it also has an external pocket to accommodate cell phone or keys.The bag is lined with a durable cotton-polyester blend fabric and trendy design.


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The waist loom is a very old technique used by Mesoamerican cultures. At present, artisans continue to use this technique to make some of the pieces they use for their clothing as well as items and accessories for the home. This technique used in some communities of Oaxaca and Chiapas, consists of intertwining threads of any type of fiber in a wooden loom, tying them to a pole or tree on one side and to the waist of the craftsman on the other; and interconnecting perpendicularly other threads with chopsticks to give the finish to the weft of the fabric.
The artisans weave long stripes of this fabric to then apply pieces of this to the bag. Only the elaboration of a woven strip like this can take up to 8 hours to make.