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Our purpose. Our culture. Our ethics. This is what drives us.

At Decor Artesanal we offer a reliable and constant supply of products to meet the demand in the marketplace.
This is the best way to help our artisans’ communities to develop a constant stream of income.


We keep a culture alive by working together with indigenous artisans and exposing their art to the world.


We recognize the artisans work and we protect it by fostering a culture of fair trade.


The artisans live in remote communities with limited access. Entire families participate in the elaboration of crafts which represents their main source of income.


Ancestral techniques used in the production of every single item in our catalog.


Every piece is truly unique and 100% hand made. We work closely with younger artisans to develop new designs that merge the old with the modern.


We deal directly with our client. We know the importance of meeting the particular needs of each client. We believe that only together will we provide the end customers with unique items full of culture and tradition.

The minimum purchase amount on your first order has to be $280