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Kante Decor has been featured on the “Pickler and Ben” Show

Even though Kante Decor’s items are ethically made in Mexico, it’s undeniable that the Southwestern style is reflected on many pieces in our catalog. That comes handy with the fact that American audiences can relate better to this amazing style that comes from ancestral cultures as well.

This time we are proud to see one of our pillows being featured in one segment of the “Pickler and Ben” show

where they talked about the hottest trends for 2019.

Etsy’s resident trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson says “2019 it’s going to be about let’s get grounded, let’s get back to earth tones”. She talks about color trends, as well as home decor trends alluding to southwestern style like “texture prints and heavy woven blankets”.

Kante Decor’s pillow is featured in minute 3:20 with a blue and gray wool pillow that shows an iconic star symbol that reminds of the cultural heritage of ancestral cultures.

It fills us with joy to see that the world of fashion and home decor today gives a very important place to handmade products. This new trends cannot happen without the amazing work from the artisans that collaborate with us in Kante and of course, without the Pickler and Ben show that kindly favorited  our pillow for the next trends of 2019.